Monday, May 25, 2015

Some times I forget that I write a blog

This has been one of those times.  Between training, job hunts, working full-time, interview preparations, and life in general, I haven't had the time to write anything.  Well, I'm still job hunting, but the school year is coming to an end.  I'm hoping to find a position at a south side school (I'm not picky), but it seems the pickings are slimmer than last year. 
Running has been an escape for the most part.  I had been training with Team In Training again, until the season was cut short. Since then, it been one training session and two races. I have been training hard to increase my speed, which is paying off. 
On May 16th, I ran the Fast Flash 5k. It's a smaller race that benefits my school district. I was super close to earning a age group award last year (only the top two got an award; I placed third). This year I was determined to place in the top two.  I did with a new PR of 26:27! I was excited! I came in second and got my $10 gift certificate to a local running store.
This past Saturday, I ran a semi-local half marathon.  The Noblesville Mini Marathon was a well organized race. The course was very pretty and we had perfect weather. That being said there were some downsides-not a lot of spectators, some poor water management near mile two/three, and the 5k, 10k, and Half all started at the same time and same place. Once the rest of the groups split off, the half was really good. I ran at a conservative pace for the first few miles behind the 2:15 pace group.  I wasn't expecting much since I didn't run at all since the Fast Flash due to a sinus infection. I was hoping to have a decent time near 2:20, but I left the pacers in the dust around mile 5. I ran with a very nice gentleman for mile 6, but had to keep moving I order to get my new PR. I had to start run-walk-run around mile 9. By mile 11, I knew I could walk the rest of the course and still get a personal record.
The worst part of the race wasn't anything to do with the race. It was the drive home. I sat in a line of traffic for 25-30 minutes because of an accident on the route home. My body stiffened up by the time I arrived home. I'm still a little sore today.
Today was tutu making day for the Color Run on June 6th! I am super excited to walk this event with my coworkers/best friends in Indy! Team Tutu Legit to Quit is awesome sauce!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Marathon attempt #2

Normal people don't do crazy things, like run marathons.  And if they do run a marathon, they probably do a one-and-done deal.  Like "Yay! I finished a marathon. Cross that off the bucket-list."

I am not normal.  I just signed back up to do a second marathon with Team In Training.  Why? Because I'm the type of person who doesn't like to leave things when they don't go right.  And the Monumental Marathon didn't go the way I pictured it last year.  So, I'm tackling it again with new information.  I didn't hit the $1000 fundraising goal, so I'm starting earlier.  I didn't maintain my pace through out the entire race (let's face it miles 19-25 were ugly), so I'm training harder.  My nutrition wasn't right, so I'm changing habits.  And I'm doing all of this in order to conquer something bigger.  I'm doing it all to help beat blood cancers. And that's a great reason to not be normal.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Organizing my life (and my friend's too)

Sunday was a terrible day weather wise. And yet, I decided to run. I managed to run two miles before I quit.  The roads hadn't been plowed, and the slush was up over my ankles. 
So, I went inside and started making a planner for a coworker/friend. And then I decided my planner wasn't up to snuff, so I revamped my own. I think it's going to work better. My friend has been using hers, and it has made her a little more organized.
Unfortunately the ISTEP test has started, and it makes me sad. The kids are super stressed out over it, and it breaks my heart. I have seen two children in tears, and have had to calm down another. And I have spent a small fortune on treats for my kiddos. It's the small things that matter this week.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


There are 365 days until my next runDisney race! Fingers crossed I can get  in the race in July!  Now, I just have to decide if it's going to be the Glass Slipper Challenge or just the Princess Half Marathon and what princess to be!
I'm looking for a half marathon to run before the registration date. I'm hoping for a smaller race that isn't too far away from Indy. I'm trying to get in an earlier corral, because I could be in the same corral as last time even though I've gotten faster. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015


This weekend marks the beginning of my third year of real running. It was two years ago that I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which was my first long distance race. I'd run 5ks before, but nothing longer since there weren't many races near me. But I had this idea in my head that I could do it.
I originally thought about doing it through Team in Training, but the fundraising commitment date was soon. (This was before runDisney events became extremely popular). I signed up at the end of October and started training. I was working as a substitute teacher, and I was able to work my runs around my schedule. Then winter hit Pennsylvania hard. My training started to suffer. When I did get out there, my runs consisted of dodging snowplow trucks, garbage trucks, school buses, ice and snow. It was rough going, but I somehow made it work. 
When my mom and I left for Florida for our trip, it was a blizzard in PA. Our plane was late leaving Pittsburgh due to de-icing. When we arrived in Florida, it was beautiful. But my training had prepared me to run in cold, not heat. On race morning, it was 70* F with 90-95% humidity at 3 in the morning. But I still ran. 
I made a lot of rookie mistakes, cotton tshirt, Capri pants, no hydration belt. But I still ran my race, and cried the last quarter mile. I had put so much time and energy into training, and I was sad to see it come to an end. 
Now, I am a two time half marathoner, and a full marathoner! I have learned so much about running since that race! 
I hope that all the runners this weekend have a magical race!

In other news, my first Nuun shipment  came. I got two bottles, three tattoos, three decals, and 11 tubes of Nuun! I'm so excited!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stuck in a Valley

Last night the hubster and I went and got Chinese food, and we got our fortune cookies. My fortune simply stated "always a valley before a hill." Right now, I feel like I'm stuck in a valley. My training has been inconsistent at best, and I have been feeling stressed out with everything I have taken on this year. There is light at the end of the tunnel and in two weeks one project will be over. Then in about 8 weeks,the second project will be mostly done. Then it will be spring break and my skating season will be over and I will start running more consistently. 
I am currently in search of a good training plan to get me back into training for another marathon and then a half marathon roughly four months later. Hopefully, I'll climb my way out the valley soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yesterday was the day most people break their resolutions for the new year.  They start forgetting about their goals.  But it takes 21 days to create a habit. 
I have changed my goals for the year.  A friend from college has decided to run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this fall. This inspired me to try marathons again. I've been working on a new training plan that will build my mileage up very slowly. 
I'm still trying to drink more water during the day, but there are days (like today) that encourage drinking pop. (If you're reading this on the east coast it would be soda, or down south it's coke.) 

Anyway, I'm going to go get on Pinterest to find a 21 day blog challenge. If you know of any, post it in the comments.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm a klutz...

Over the holidays, the hubster and I traveled back to our parents' to visit.  We drove out Sunday before Christmas and came back the following Monday.  Well the Sunday night before we drove back to Indy, I tripped and fell up the stairs at my In-law's house.  I really slammed my left foot into the stairs during my marvelous fall. When it decided to continue to hurt last week, I made a doctors appointment to get a full physical and have my foot checked out.  The doctor ordered an X-ray, which came back Friday morning all clear. Nothing broken; no major trauma to the soft tissue.
It started feeling better yesterday, and I actually went out for a slow run today.  Hopefully this warm weather will stick around for a while so I can get outside and run.  

I have been attempting to drink more water, and got myself a cool bottle to use.  I marked every eight ounces on the outside of the bottle to push myself to drink more.  It's been working alright so far, but I'm looking for ideas to keep it up.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold day #2

So school has been cancelled again today. It's flipping freezing here (the temperature is -1* F. So no running for me. 
Well, there's no running for me until next Wesnesday. Over Christmas break, I tripped going up the stairs at my In-law's house. My foot is still hurting, so I'm trying to stay off of it. It's really tough since I have a lot of walking to do at school and coaching ice skating. I'm just hoping that it's a minor injury (I don't want to be in a boot). 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


A very long time ago, I learned about SMART Goals in taekwondo class. It helped me break down my larger goals into smaller goals and helped make them attainable.  So here are my Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Trackable goals.

1. Break a 2:10 half marathon.
This goal is simple and specific to getting moved into earlier corrals for next year at the Princess Half. I can definitely be measured and tracked by a race performance and my training. 

2. Drink more water.
This is going to be the one I struggle with. I strongly dislike the taste of plain water.  I need my water to be flavored or ice cold.  Luckily, I'm a Nuunbassador so I can get Nuun products to enhance my water without adding any extra sugar.  

3. Get back into figure skating.
Once I get into a place where I don't have a car payment, I intend to put some money aside for skating lessons, paying down the student loans, and possibly a house payment. I really miss skating for myself. I love coaching, but there is nothing like the feeling of learning something new and challenging oneself. 

4. Eating healthier.
So most days I rush around and grab a protein bar for breakfast and something stupid for lunch. I really want to develop better eating habits so I lose weight and  perform better in all aspects of my life.
That means buying the right foods and doing meal preparation earlier.

Those are my four small, SMART Goals for the year.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

New year, New goals

So this post should have come out yesterday, but I got distracted by cleaning. 
It's a new year, and I have new goals

1. Write the blog daily. 
I am hoping to write as blog post daily. I have some fun ideas to add to just the running part, so you get a glimpse into my daily life. 

2. Stay hydrated and drink more water. 
Being a #nuunbassador for the year means I am going to need to drink more water. Luckily, Nuun is a sugar free option to make my water taste better. 

3. Keep running (at least 600 miles this year).
I ran 490.8 miles in 2014.  I am hoping to hit 600 miles this year with fifty miles every month. Since I will be training for at least 2 half marathons this year (and a third in early 2016) this should be easy enough to hit. 

4. Work on nutrition. 
I am going to be working on my eating habits in it's to perform better in running and skating. 

5. Pay off my car and student loans so I can start taking skating lessons again. 
It's been two long years since I had a skating lesson, and I would like to be able to do that again. I'm not sure what way I'm going to go with my skating, but I'm leaning heavily towards just doing ice dancing.