Monday, March 23, 2015

Marathon attempt #2

Normal people don't do crazy things, like run marathons.  And if they do run a marathon, they probably do a one-and-done deal.  Like "Yay! I finished a marathon. Cross that off the bucket-list."

I am not normal.  I just signed back up to do a second marathon with Team In Training.  Why? Because I'm the type of person who doesn't like to leave things when they don't go right.  And the Monumental Marathon didn't go the way I pictured it last year.  So, I'm tackling it again with new information.  I didn't hit the $1000 fundraising goal, so I'm starting earlier.  I didn't maintain my pace through out the entire race (let's face it miles 19-25 were ugly), so I'm training harder.  My nutrition wasn't right, so I'm changing habits.  And I'm doing all of this in order to conquer something bigger.  I'm doing it all to help beat blood cancers. And that's a great reason to not be normal.

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