Monday, May 25, 2015

Some times I forget that I write a blog

This has been one of those times.  Between training, job hunts, working full-time, interview preparations, and life in general, I haven't had the time to write anything.  Well, I'm still job hunting, but the school year is coming to an end.  I'm hoping to find a position at a south side school (I'm not picky), but it seems the pickings are slimmer than last year. 
Running has been an escape for the most part.  I had been training with Team In Training again, until the season was cut short. Since then, it been one training session and two races. I have been training hard to increase my speed, which is paying off. 
On May 16th, I ran the Fast Flash 5k. It's a smaller race that benefits my school district. I was super close to earning a age group award last year (only the top two got an award; I placed third). This year I was determined to place in the top two.  I did with a new PR of 26:27! I was excited! I came in second and got my $10 gift certificate to a local running store.
This past Saturday, I ran a semi-local half marathon.  The Noblesville Mini Marathon was a well organized race. The course was very pretty and we had perfect weather. That being said there were some downsides-not a lot of spectators, some poor water management near mile two/three, and the 5k, 10k, and Half all started at the same time and same place. Once the rest of the groups split off, the half was really good. I ran at a conservative pace for the first few miles behind the 2:15 pace group.  I wasn't expecting much since I didn't run at all since the Fast Flash due to a sinus infection. I was hoping to have a decent time near 2:20, but I left the pacers in the dust around mile 5. I ran with a very nice gentleman for mile 6, but had to keep moving I order to get my new PR. I had to start run-walk-run around mile 9. By mile 11, I knew I could walk the rest of the course and still get a personal record.
The worst part of the race wasn't anything to do with the race. It was the drive home. I sat in a line of traffic for 25-30 minutes because of an accident on the route home. My body stiffened up by the time I arrived home. I'm still a little sore today.
Today was tutu making day for the Color Run on June 6th! I am super excited to walk this event with my coworkers/best friends in Indy! Team Tutu Legit to Quit is awesome sauce!

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