Monday, March 2, 2015

Organizing my life (and my friend's too)

Sunday was a terrible day weather wise. And yet, I decided to run. I managed to run two miles before I quit.  The roads hadn't been plowed, and the slush was up over my ankles. 
So, I went inside and started making a planner for a coworker/friend. And then I decided my planner wasn't up to snuff, so I revamped my own. I think it's going to work better. My friend has been using hers, and it has made her a little more organized.
Unfortunately the ISTEP test has started, and it makes me sad. The kids are super stressed out over it, and it breaks my heart. I have seen two children in tears, and have had to calm down another. And I have spent a small fortune on treats for my kiddos. It's the small things that matter this week.

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