Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm a klutz...

Over the holidays, the hubster and I traveled back to our parents' to visit.  We drove out Sunday before Christmas and came back the following Monday.  Well the Sunday night before we drove back to Indy, I tripped and fell up the stairs at my In-law's house.  I really slammed my left foot into the stairs during my marvelous fall. When it decided to continue to hurt last week, I made a doctors appointment to get a full physical and have my foot checked out.  The doctor ordered an X-ray, which came back Friday morning all clear. Nothing broken; no major trauma to the soft tissue.
It started feeling better yesterday, and I actually went out for a slow run today.  Hopefully this warm weather will stick around for a while so I can get outside and run.  

I have been attempting to drink more water, and got myself a cool bottle to use.  I marked every eight ounces on the outside of the bottle to push myself to drink more.  It's been working alright so far, but I'm looking for ideas to keep it up.

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