Friday, January 2, 2015

New year, New goals

So this post should have come out yesterday, but I got distracted by cleaning. 
It's a new year, and I have new goals

1. Write the blog daily. 
I am hoping to write as blog post daily. I have some fun ideas to add to just the running part, so you get a glimpse into my daily life. 

2. Stay hydrated and drink more water. 
Being a #nuunbassador for the year means I am going to need to drink more water. Luckily, Nuun is a sugar free option to make my water taste better. 

3. Keep running (at least 600 miles this year).
I ran 490.8 miles in 2014.  I am hoping to hit 600 miles this year with fifty miles every month. Since I will be training for at least 2 half marathons this year (and a third in early 2016) this should be easy enough to hit. 

4. Work on nutrition. 
I am going to be working on my eating habits in it's to perform better in running and skating. 

5. Pay off my car and student loans so I can start taking skating lessons again. 
It's been two long years since I had a skating lesson, and I would like to be able to do that again. I'm not sure what way I'm going to go with my skating, but I'm leaning heavily towards just doing ice dancing. 

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