Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekly recap

This has been an interesting week.  The summer tutoring program I was working is now finished. That means I can run more consistently :), but I'll have no income until I can substitute again :(.

 July  7
     Long, easy run of 10 in Kent

July 8
     Rest day/travel back to home for work

July 9
     AM tutoring. PM 3.3 run then soak in the hot tub

July 10
     Rest day and tutoring

July 11
     Last day of Summer tutoring :(

July 12
     4.1 run, mock interview, and travel back to Kent.  Also walked to town from the university.

July 13
     Rest day before long run Sunday

July 14
     6.1 mile run

This week (except Sunday) was supposed to be a lower mileage week. When I followed the Galloway plan for the princess half,  it seemed like every other week the mileage dropped to 3 for the long runs.  I didn't like that since my 30 minute runs were 3-5 miles.

Currently, I am trying to convince my hubby to walk a 5K with me by the end of the year.  I think he'll do it.  I'm looking for a 10K or a closer half to do before then, but with not knowing where going to be yet, it's difficult to pick a race.

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