Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer running is hot

So, the heat of summer has hit hard.  I'm not an early bird, but I think it will become a necessity.
Today is a semi-rest day since I had to walk downtown to pick up some Vera Bradley I ordered.  So I walked roughly 3 miles in 90 degree heat-not my best idea.

With it being so hot out, I have been trying to use the slow-cooker and tonight's meal was a hit.  I put some boneless chicken breast, pasta sauce, and parmesan cheese in the slow-cooker on low at lunch.    I made some pasta to go with it.  Even the hubster liked it!

Hopefully, I can get up early enough tomorrow to get a good run in before it heats up.  Then Thursday and Friday will be back to back runs.  Saturday, the hubster and I will be off to another wedding.

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