Monday, July 29, 2013

Most miles to date

Today (and most of last week) has been pretty cool for end of July. So, I got a long run in today.  9.15 miles at a 10:23 per mile pace.  Then the hubster and I walked two-thirds of a mile to get lunch and back.  And with all of that I'm back on top of the Nike+ leader board, but not by much.  (Did I mention that I am super-competitive?)

Anyway, I have covered 50.8 miles this month! I'm hoping to get one more mid-range run in once we've moved, but I'm not sure that it will happen.  The downside to this is I am beating up my shoes pretty bad.  I bought them at the end of May, and they have 97.5 miles on them.  I'm rotating them with my old shoes.  Let's just hope that the hubster and I find jobs soon, so I can buy new running shoes.

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