Monday, August 12, 2013

Lock laces review

First off, I had to take some time off  because my foot was in a lot of pain.  I'm not sure why since I've been scaling back my mileage the last two weeks.

So a few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Facebook to win some LockLaces™.  They were so generous that they sent me two pairs, even after the contest had ended!  I was floored by how awesome they treated me--there aren't many companies out there that act in such a customer-friendly way.

I put the hot pink ones they sent me in my shoes.  I love how bright the colors are, and the installation was really simple.  I have run with them twice now, so I feel like I can give them a fair review.  I love how I don't have to tie my running shoes anymore! I don't have to stop and retie either! The elastic in the laces adjusts to my foot and keeps them feeling snug in my shoes.  And the LockLaces™ make my shoes slip on and off extremely easy.

These would be great to put in young children's or older adults' shoes.  No tying, no bending, just awesome!

The best part--you can get a pair for free!  I'm giving away a pair.  Just follow the directions below.

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