Saturday, August 17, 2013

Counting Down

After Monday's run, I put myself on a rest week to heal my minor injury.  My right foot has been achy, especially when it gets cold from the AC blasting all the time.  What has helped is keeping it up, wrapping it for a few days, and KT taping it.  I bought some clearance KT tape at Walmart, and have gone through almost an entire roll.  It's the regular type as opposed to the pro version, which might be why it isn't staying super stuck.  Because it isn't staying stuck to my foot, I've been taping the edges down with medical tape (see photos).  It really has been helping out though.  The KT tape has been providing support without adding a lot of bulkiness in my footwear, unlike like an ace bandage.

My feet look like they've been through a battle.

I plan to go out for a short run on Monday to see how things are feeling.  If they are feeling good, I'll continue with base training.  If not, then it'll be another "rest" week, and I'll be buying some more KT Pro tape.

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