Saturday, May 21, 2016

Adventures in Moving and other things

I'm over due for a post, but it has been a crazy few weeks.  

April 27th
We closed on our new home. We had to drive to the north side, which makes me cranky, but it is finally ours.

April 28th
My family comes out to help us move.  They stay at a hotel, and we go out for dinner.

April 29th
My parents hang out at our house waiting for the fridge to arrive. The fridge arrives around 10:00am. Dearest husband and I are at work.  

April 30th
MOVING DAY! We get breakfast, pick up the rental truck, and begin moving our stuff. The worst thing was moving a washer and dryer up the stairs.  The best thing was staying in our house for the first time.

May 1st
My family had to leave to get back to the grind in PA. Hubster and I went out and purchased some necessary items for our new home. 

May 2nd through 6th
Work and cleaning our apartment up.  Not a lot of outside activities could happen until that was done. 

May 7th and 8th 
Continued cleaning of our apartment and turning in our keys.  It was hard to say goodbye to our little home in Indy.  We turned in our keys three days short of living there 2.5 years.

May 9th through 13th
Adjusting to new routines and attempting to find some of our stuff in the boxes we haven't unpacked yet. I'm getting ready for the last few weeks of school and a field trip.  I manage to sneak a run in on Friday evening.  My first run since moving, and it was slow.  I haven't really been running much since Spring Break. 

May 14th
I got up early and ran my first race since the glass slipper. I raced a 5k in my old school district and placed third in my age group.  Not to bad for not training. 
Later, we had a housewarming party with some of our close friends and coworkers here.  It was nice to see my coworkers outside of school.  And it was pretty awesome to play games in the game room, instead of sitting wherever we could cram into in the apartment.  

May 15th- present
Working and relaxing in our home. I still haven't done much running, but it will all be okay. This Thursday is our last student day, so I'll be able to get some shorter runs this week and a five-ish mile long run this weekend. 
A view from our living room windows.

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