Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Running

It's summer! And it's hot and muggy outside. I started week 2 of marathon training yesterday with a rest day.  I've decided that Mondays are total rest days since my long runs are on Sundays. 
Yesterday, my right knee decided it wants to be noticed and began hurting. It continued to hurt this morning, so I did some foam rolling to see if it would help.  (I should mention that between figure skating and taekwondo in my youth, I destroyed both of my knees. The right knee landed a single axel in the concrete puddle during skating, and the left knee was injured during a taekwondo board break trial.)
I would get to meet my team for Team In Training this week, but I am journeying home for one of my best friend's shower. I guess I will meet them in a week or two.  I am so excited to be a part of this program, and can't wait to run my first marathon with Team! If you'd like to donate and help me reach my goal, there's a link on the right hand of this page. I'm trying to reach $1000 dollars, so every little bit helps.

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