Thursday, January 2, 2014


I hate winter weather. I hate the dreadmill.  This is a horrible time of year for me, because the weather is unpredictable and cold.  It's not the cold that bothers me, but the fact that I don't know what's under the snow.  It could be ice or it could be just fine. I find running on the dreadmill boring and difficult at the same time.  It's boring to me because of the lack of scenery.  I do a little better when I watch a TV show, but I usually don't last more than 3 miles on it.  The dreadmill is challenging for me because I can't automatically adjust my speed. I tend to speed up and slow down when I'm running outside.

A while back, I ran the Indianapolis Jingle Bell Run/Walk 10k.  It was an extremely well run event.  Everything was so organized and had so many helpful volunteers.  My official time was 1:08.01 for the 6.2 miles. So now, I have a new record to break.

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