Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Just when it seemed like things were finally falling into place, something decides to be a jackin-ape.

Let's back up a little so everything makes sense.  Right before we moved to the beautiful state of Indiana, I had to get some repair work done on my car.  New brakes, arm bushings, etc all replaced to the tune of $650. That was roughly a month ago.  Now, my car has decided to go spaz-tastic on me and the air bag light keeps going on and off. I mean my car needs to seriously get it together.

Okay, that's it for venting.  In my little running bubble, I've been working at building my base back up. Sunday, I ran four fantastic miles at a little slower than my previous average pace. I'm hoping to hit the dreadmill tonight, but I'll have to wait and see what else is happening.

And finally, some happy news! I am now working as an instructional assistant in a nearby elementary school.  I love it there, and I am hoping to (eventually) have my own classroom.  Now, if I could just get a payday from any job, life would be great.

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